April 03, 2001 Tokayev Kassym-Jomart Kemelovich The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, (Prime Minister in 2001), paid an official visit to the city of Aksay in the West Kazakhstan region and, accompanied by Akim of the West Kazakhstan region Krymbek Eleuovich Kusherbayev, visited our facilities, the facilities of Intergasstroy JSC . During this period Intergasstroy JSC actively participated in the second phase of the Karachaganak project (UKPG-2), we also participated as a construction contractor in commissioning the first stage of the processing complex. At that time, one of our important social projects was the School of Arts in Aksay. The first place the Prime Minister visited was our Company Intergasstroy JSC and our Art School in Aksay at Intergasstroy JSC. The School of Arts was a social program for the Burlinsky district and the city of Aksay. For 15 years (1993-2008) Intergasstroy JSC supported the School of Arts, fully financing its work (paying all bills and expenses). Intergasstroy JSC made the School of Arts a structural subdivision of the company and financed its cost at the expense of Intergasstroy JSC. This was done by Intergasstroy JSC to help the region implement its social corporate program. Intergasstroy JSC donated one of its own buildings to the School of Arts, renovated and maintained it in good condition for 15 years. Intergasstroy JSC purchased all musical equipment, instruments, hired and paid salaries to 30 teachers for 15 years to support music, drawing and dance classes. This was one of the most important achievements of Intergasstroy JSC - participation in the social program of the region. Children studied in two or three shifts at the School. Several departments were formed at the School of Arts: orchestras of Kazakh folk instruments, orchestras of Russian folk instruments, dance groups, a department of fine arts, where children learned the basics of painting, drawing and sculpture. Also, a large library with music books, musical literature was built at the School of Arts, and a music department was created for learning to play the piano, guitar, violin, saxophone and dombra. Dance groups participated in competitions (Latin American dances, Russian folk dances and Kazakh folk dances) in Kazakhstan and Russia. The Prime-Minister left an autograph with wishes in the Book of Honored Guests, he gave as a gift to the School of Arts a TV with video player, took a picture with the staff and children of the School of Arts, all photos are stored in the museum of our company. He also visited the district hospital, it was the company Intergasstroy JSC that made a complete repair there and imported equipment. The Prime-Minister left ultrasound equipment as a gift to the hospital.