Intergasstroy Joint-Stock Company Intergasstroy JSC (IGS – in short ) was founded on March 01, 1986 - one of the leading construction companies in the West Kazakhstan region, the Republic of Kazakhstan - is located in Aksai, near the Karachaganak field.

Has a construction license of the 2nd category, according to the Appendix to the State License GSL No. 002077 dated 11/24/2000

Intergazstroy JSC can perform works in accordance with the licensed types of activities: design and survey, construction and installation works and the production of building structures and products, engineering services, including the execution of permits, technical support and supervision of construction and installation works. Construction services in oil and gas fields, general construction works, mechanical installation works, installation of technological equipment and pipelines, with the exception of instrumentation,Leasing of industrial premises.

IGS Corporation is a construction company which operates in the Oil and Gas industry of Kazakhstan, performing a large range of works and services related to the construction of Oil and Gas Plants, Pipelines, Stations and other facilities in this sector of industry.

  The construction activities performed by IGS Corporation include mainly Site preparation and Piling, Civil works and Industrial buildings erection, Structural Steel erection, Piping works, Process equipment installation, Boilers assembling and installation, Pipelines construction and welheads arrangements etc.

  IGS Corporation has a remarkable list of successfuly completed Contracts, handed over to its Clients – the international  Oil and Gas companies , exploring the major  fields of  West Kazakhstan that started from its foundation in 1998.

  During this period IGS Corporation has entered also into thе ЕРС sector of the market with small and medium contracts as amount , but especially important , since were for Turn key Projects - engineering, procurement and construction. The company has completed the jobs on these Projects with honour, having satisfied Client need of a contractor which is in a condition to carry out all kinds of works from zero till the handover of Projects to the State commissions and put them into operation.

  IGS Corporation has affirmed its name in the Kazakhstan Oil and Gas market as effective contractor for large variety of works in this branch with  proven capacities and professionalism.