Our resources - Production workshops

  1. Location – IGS’  production workshops are located only 35 km away from Target Market – The Karachaganak Oil & Gas Condensate Field. IGS’ production/industrial base has a very developed infrastructure and is also located very conveniently for entry/exit to the Karachaganak field (through main roads). The easy access to the field is one of the key advantages especially during rush hours as there is no traffic on the road leading to the field. The Production base and offices of the CLIENT Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV (KPO BV) are 2 minutes away from the base of “IGS”.
  2. Secutity -The territory of Industrial Base is fenced, with 24-hour security, equipped with video cameras ,the territory is constantly cleared of snow in winter and grass in summer and kept very clean, we are going to install video surveillance cameras where there no cameras.
  3. Open areas, in one of the open areas measuring 9,300 square meters there is a tower crane for loading and unloading wagons
  4. Industrial Base “IGS” has a well developed Oil and Gas orientated production base with a well developed infrastructure. The territory of the production base occupies 140 000 sq.m.  (14 hectares of land) The strategic value of this production base is that it is located in the center of the industrial zone, it stands on the central street, next to the clients main office (Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV), convenience of access roads, convenience with rail ways connection (Marshall Railway), proximity of transport hubs, proximity of the station (loading and unloading stations), all workshops are built according to standards meeting the requirements of Client KPO BV.
  5. Concrete Plant “Stetter” – occupies 69 333 sq. m. “IGS” has its own concrete plant, which has a developed infrastructure -  one site for storage of inert materials – 2 550 square meters, another site for the storage of inert materials (sand, crushed stone, gravel) on the territory of the concrete plant with an area of ​​2410 square meters.
  6. Water center, which has the capacity to store water supply required for one month use.
  7. Motor Depot (Base of service maintenance of machines and equipment) – 27 000 sq.m.. On the territory of the motor depot (service bases) there is a warehouse of combustible substances (oxygen) with an area of ​​193.7 square meters, a car wash and an energy center. Also on the territory of the motor depot there is a petrol station with a canopy covering 384 square meters for 5 tanks. These 5 tanks are underground and have a volume ​​of 50 cubic meters each.
  8. Railways. “IGS” has a set of its very own railway tracks. These railway tracks are 2,430 kilometers in length on the territory of 18,165 square meters. There are railroad tracks, leading from the industrial site directly to the field and increased deadlocks for unloading and loading cars (for inert materials) - with a capacity of 100 cars per day - with the further possibility of storing inert materials by fractions, that is, rubble, sand and gravel mixture (there are "pockets" for storing inert materials). There is also an elevated ramp for loading and unloading heavy equipment - excavators, bulldozers, cranes and other equipment, railway cul-de-sac, which has an adjacent site with a concrete foundation and a tower crane with a carrying capacity of 10 tons. Any wagons arriving in Aksay can be unloaded at our dead end.
  9. Railway platform – Adjacent to the railway, which belongs to “IGS”, there is a platform for unloading heavy equipment and machinery with an area of ​​1525 square meters which has a  high entry road for 6-7 cars. By rail, “IGS” supplies wagons with crushed stone, cement, sand to its territory and unloads them on a loading and unloading platform specially adapted for loading and unloading.
  10. The railway loading and unloading trestle of 60 running meters of length. On the territory of the Base of service (Motor Depot) there is a railway loading and unloading platform. The railway loading and unloading trestle is used to provide operations for discharging and pouring oil products (gasoline, diesel oil, oil, also can be used as a trunk overflow drain) to rail tank cars and to facilitate access to the tank. Railway trestle provides: simultaneous service of railway cisterns.
  11. Own Autonomous Boiler House. On the territory of the industrial base there is a boiler house which is heated by gas. The workshops/warehouses are heated from the central autonomous boiler house. In addition all workshops have air heaters
  12. Tank farm (for storage of petroleum products with an area of ​​2451 sq. m. a total of 14 tank/vessels with a volume of 585 cubic meters.) and a railway overflow rack, with the possibility of taking 3 platforms at the same time. The territory allows convenient travel to the freight transport, free access to the base territory, there are no buildings cluttering the exit to the central road.
  13. Internet - High speed fibre optics communication lines. “IGS” uses high-speed Internet fiber optic communication.
  14. Fire alarms. The industrial base is equipped with fire alarms in each workshop, has heated rooms. “IGS” conducts an annual audit of compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of civil protection - fire safety, civil defense. Verification is conducted by the Burlin Region Emergency Situations Department.
  15. Premises on the premises the are 21 workshops - a total area of ​​more than 20,000 sq. Premises can also be used as warehouses for storing materials. Inside the workshops all the flooring is concreted, every workshop is very well illuminated, all workshops are entirely solid, very well heated and are equipped with air heaters. One of the workshops on the premises sn the carpentry workshop and there is also a metalwork workshop.
  16. Carpentry shop - The carpentry shop has an area of ​​1175 square meters  
  17. Metalwork workshop. At the industrial site there is a metalwork shop with an area of ​​1188 square meters with an overhear crane and a large and small guillotine
  18. Crane Beams /Overhead Cranes. Within the production/industrial base there are crane beams: a) In workshop 1.3 (area of ​​5,000 sq.m.) Two overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 8 tons each. b) In the shops 1.11 and 1.12 (area of ​​990 sq.m. each) workshops are equioed with two cranes with a lifting capacity of 5 tons each c)  In shop 1.5 there is a crane-beam with a carrying capacity of 5 tons  d) In workshop 1.6 and 1.7 - crane beams with a carrying capacity of 5 tons each crane e) Motor Depot has a repair shop with a crane-beam with a carrying capacity of 5 tons
  19. Dining Room. On the territory of the industrial base there is a dining room (On the situational plan of the industrial site, position 1.1) with an area of ​​382.8 sq.m.