In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits. Unless you’ve got a good team, you can’t do much with the other two (Lee Iacocca)


Intergasstroy JSC (IGS) company’s most valuable asset is its employees that make up the workforce of company. People matter most to our business. People are key assets for IGS. It is human assets that differentiate an IGS from its competitors. How people benefit to IGS’s business? The work they do determines what Clients, Customers see, so  IGS treat employees with the value they bring. Each person brings a different set of skills to the IGS. Employee efficiency and talent determines the pace and growth of an IGS. IGS recognize the value their employees have and praise them accordingly. This includes their knowledge, expertise, abilities, skillsets, and experience. These are all invaluable and intangible assets for securing a future for the IGS. They are essential to providing goods or services. Employees produce the final product, take care of finances, promote business, and maintain the records for decision making. No matter what size the business is, success is the result of continuous hard and smart efforts put in by happy and valued employees. This results in keeping the IGS going, competing with its competitors, and elevating ahead of them all. Employees are the face of the IGS . Employees are the ones who give their heart and soul to an IGS. Employees nurture IGS with their values and endless efforts to take it to the top. They are skilled people with knowledge. The most irreplaceable factors employees bring to IGS are their skillsets. Employees are the base of a strong and long-running IGS. Employees run the IGS, no matter what level. Motivated employees make a significant difference. Employees reach new targets, meet Client’s, Clients’ demands and needs, develop new and innovative products, and perform enormous and huge efforts to achieve the IGS’s objectives. Employees are major contributors to profits and worth of the IGS. . It’s their abilities, knowledge, and experience that can’t be replaced. Loyal Clients, Customers, Leaders and quality goods and services all influence success, but in IGS best asset is its employees. Employees help promote a company's reputation and are often responsible for a company's success. They are involved with every element of a business, so employers are usually particular with the people they select to represent their company. IGS treat employees as important assets and nurture their talent .Making employees feel valued and developing their talents maximizes their potential. Employees are the greatest asset for IGS they are the most important asset .They fill knowledge and skill gaps. Employees efficiently perform tasks .They deliver goods or services to customers. Employees help connect customers to goods or services that IGS create. They are performing services with a focus on customer care. Others collect and process payments to increase their company's profits. Employees linked to purchasing decisions impact the customer experience. They are the public face of a business. Consumers interact with employees when they engage with an IGS. They see employees' faces in warehouses , in workshops. These interactions shape the public perception of IGS. If a Client, Customer receives a faulty service, customer care staff correcting the problem can turn that negative experience into a positive one. Clients, Customers connect with people more than corporate entities, so humanizing a business through employees is vital for fostering customer connections. The personal touch of a business's employees encourages trust and brand loyalty. Our Employees understand the business and its Clients, Customers.  Our Employees interact with customers daily, so they understand what consumers want and how to deliver it. They also regularly use their business's systems and equipment, so they know what works well and what needs refinement.  They drive profit .IGS’ dedicated employees help businesses increase profits by boosting sales and reducing running costs. Our employees develop products and services, sell them to Clients. Quality control efforts and friendly customer care convert our Clients into a regular Clients. IGS’ employees also often identify cost reduction opportunities that can further boost profits. They drive innovation. Employees often bring new ideas and skills that can help motivate a stagnant business. They develop new services and refine business operating procedures. Developing new services helps IGS stay relevant and appeal to changing consumer needs and wants. This is particularly important for IGS as we are in rapidly evolving industry. Improving operating procedures helps IGS become more efficient and save money. Great employees nurture a business's culture and make their companies a great place to work. One of the most important assets our employees possesses is their uniqueness. This uniqueness ensures that, unlike most company assets, each employee  in IGS is irreplaceable. Businesses that lose customers can find new ones to spend money, profits lost can be recovered. Each IGS’ employee brings a special blend of skills, knowledge and personality to a workplace. This combination impacts a business in slightly different ways. While businesses can fill vacant positions and train new staff members, the unique makeup of each employee is impossible to replicate. Our employees  help IGS grow and endure. IGS  rely on  employees for growth and longevity. When it's time for IGS company founders to retire, they rely on their employees to continue their legacy and keep their business operating effectively in their absence. Our employees is a local people, our IGS company’s content - is a 100% Kazakhstani company with 100% Kazakhstani participation. When concluding a contract, the Client takes into account the fact that the contract (work) is transferred to companies with a satisfactory local content ratio. In case the contract has been awarded to a foreign company with a worldwide reputation, it must choose a Kazakh company as its partner and work together with the Kazakh company to fulfill the contract. This is one of the basic rules when concluding a contract on the part of the Client. Every successful company like IGS always has its back of reliable, loyal, dedicated people.