NURLAN KUANSHALIYEV  - Chairman of the Board of the Company /Owner

 of the Intergasstroy JSC and General Director (Chief Executive) of IGS-Corporation LLC.                                                                           

Date and place of birth - June 13, 1956, Karatuba village, Karatubinsky district, West Kazakhstan region, Academic degree – PhD –Doctor of Philosophy

Education - Higher Technical - Karaganda Technical University - Faculty of Civil Engineering, Industrial and                        

civil construction - Structural engineer. ZhB No. 221523

 Eurasian National University ,Nur-Sultan, Geotechnical Institute from 2000 to 2003, Specialty - Construction              -  Doctor of Philosophy - FK No. 0010494 dated 20/06/2003 issued by the decision of the Higher Attestation Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic Kazakhstan ,June 20, 2003 (protocol No. 8")

 From 1994 to 1999 - Deputy of the District Council of People's Deputies - Burlinsky district of Aksai ,West Kazakhstan region (certificate No. 3)

 Awards and honorary titles of Nurlan Kuanshaliyev

• ORDER OF KURMET - State award of the Republic of Kazakhstan (by decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 30, 2003)



• HONORARY CITIZEN of the Karatyubinsk region (the letter was signed by the Akim of the Karatyubinsk region S.Suleimen and the Secretary of the Maslikhat T.Sagynov dated May 8, 2000), certificate No. 42

• Anniversary medal for the 10th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan - December 3, 2001

• Anniversary medal for the 50th anniversary of the Holding Company "Almaty Kurylys" Certificate No. 0915 - September 22, 2006.

• Anniversary medal for the 120th anniversary of the gas industry of Kazakhstan

• HONORARY BUILDER OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN - certificate No. 271 - August 2007

• Anniversary medal of Almaty Kurylys - Kazakhstan

• Anniversary medal for the 100th anniversary of the gas industry of Kazakhstan - certificate No. 001391

• Medal "75 years of the Burlinsky district" - certificate No. 0074 dated October 30, 2010 - akim of the Burlinsky district B.A. Shakimov

• A letter of thanks from Akim of Burlinsky District S.B. Erkebaev for assistance and support in preparing and holding New Year's events - Aksai, 2004

• A letter of thanks from N. Ashimov, Akim of the Ural Region dated April 30, 2004, for fruitful work in preparing and holding events in 2003 within the framework of the Year of Kazakhstan in Russia

• A letter of thanks for active participation in the preparation and holding of the VIII summer regional rural sports games "Akzhaiyk-98" - from I.O. Burlinsky district G. Urkenov and the head of the regional department of tourism and sports Sh. Utemisov

• A letter of thanks from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Children's Charitable Foundation "ART Festival - Windrose" for participation in supporting the festival movement of children's and youth creativity Moscow 2004 (from the Executive Director of the Children's Charitable Foundation ART Festival - Windrose - Tatyana Bryzgalina, Moscow 2004

• A letter of thanks from Akim of the Burlinsky District for active participation in the preparation and holding of the 8th Chess Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan

• A letter of thanks from the Akim of the Burlinsky District for active participation in the preparation for the election of the President of the country

• A letter of thanks from the Principal of Primary School No. 5 and the Parents' Committee in Aksai for the repair of the school.

• Gratitude in honor of the Builder's Day - Dzhambul Department No. 2 Kazstalkonstruktsiya Order No. 93 dated 05.08.1982.

• Gratitude for high performance in the pre-May social competition - Dzhambul department No. 2 of Kazstalkonstruktsiya Order No. 45 of 04/27/1984

• Gratitude from the trust Kazstalkonstruktsiya - for high production performance in honor of the Builder's Day - Order No. 389 dated July 27, 1984


21 April 1992 – Present - Chairman of the Board of "Intergasstroy" JSC, Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan region, Aksai, 2,Druzhby Narodov st. By 27 December 1993 - Completed and fulfilled all the provisions of the Agreement on the conditions of stay and activity in the territory of the USSR of contracting organizations of Czechoslovakia - Promyslovo Stavitelstva Brno, Simeks Foreign Trade Association, Skoda (Pilsen), Dopravni Stavby Olomouc, Ingstave Brno, Vitkovicke Stavby Ostrava , Pozemne Stavby Nitra, Vodogospodar Stavby Bratislava and the Germany Deutch Republic (GDR) Gazanlagen Mittenwalde - in Aksay, performed all the final procedures for reconciliation Soyuzzarubezhgazprom (Moscow), Simeks (Prague), Promyslovo Stavitelstvy  Brno and Kazakhstan (Aksay) and drawing up final acts for the completed construction and installation works and signed the final reconciliation act, signed the act on the completion of the Agreement between Czechoslovakia & USSR and the GDR & USSR. In December 1993, the trust "Kazakhintergasstroy" was renamed into "Intergasstroy" JSC and Nurlan Kuanshaliyev began to perform his duties as Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Intergasstroy . He manages the actions of employees and is responsible for the decisions made, his duties: signing documents; creation of work schedules for  enterprise; ensuring the implementation of decisions taken; carrying out work on the basis of state and local laws; quality control of services; maintenance of technical documentation; holding meetings of the board, meetings, consideration of complaints. Nurlan Kuanshaliev, as Chairman of the Board of JSC, manages the activities of both companies Intergasstroy JSC and IGS-Corporation LLC, and he also plans the company's activities for years ahead.

From 05 March 1990 to 21 April 1992  - Deputy Manager of the Kazakhintergasstroy Company, Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan region, Aksay, 2,Druzhby Narodov street;Provided general planning of capital investments and construction and installation works , financing, acceptance of completed construction facilities, organization of commissioning, supplied materials in accordance with the separation list and the agreed schedule for the construction of facilities,responsible for pursuing a unified technical policy in the implementation of construction, led the overall planning of contract work and coordinated the activities of the Contractor, supervised the progress and quality works performed by the Contractor (Czechoslovakia - "Simeks", Germany Deutch Republic GDR-FEB Gazanlagen Mittenwalde ), for the allocation of funds for local building materials. 

From  16 September 1986 to 05 March 1990 - Senior Work Foreman, Head of the Production and Technical Department of the Territorial Construction Administration "Kazakhintergasstroy" (which was later renamed Intergasstroy JSC). As a senior foreman and head of the production and technical department - Transferred the design and estimate documentation received from the General Customer (Mingazprom, Soyuzzarubezhgazprom) to the Contractor (Czechoslovakia-Simeks, GDR-FEB Combine Gazanlagen), transferred to the Contractor Czechoslovakia & GDR under the act of land plots, received from the General Customer, the supply to the Contractor of materials, machinery and equipment in accordance with the schedule of deliveries , architectural and technical supervision, connection of the engineering networks and facilities under construction to the existing engineering networks substances, indicating the communications crossing the site received from the General Customer.

From  15 August 1984 to  16 September 1986  - Senior Civil Engineer of the Ural Hydrogeological Expedition Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan region, Terektinsky district, Podstepnoye village - Compiled work schedules, orders, applications, instructions, explanatory notes, maps, diagrams and other technical documentation, as well as established reporting in accordance with approved forms and on time, organized on-site storage and protection of material assets. Ensured the organization of production in accordance with project documentation, SNiP and technical conditions. Established production targets for the volume of construction and installation work.

From 2 November 1981 to 15 August 1984  - Site Manager of the Dzhambul Department No.2 of the Trust Kazstalkonstruktsiya of the Ministry of Minmontazhspetsstroy Kazakhstan, Dzhambul .He supervised the production and economic activities of the site at the “Electrode Mass” facility of the NDFZ, ensured the commissioning of facilities on time and the implementation of construction and installation work and commissioning in compliance with the work production plan (PPR), ensured compliance with the technological sequence of construction and installation works on the site, ensured the receipt of technical documentation for the construction of facilities, drew up applications for construction machines, materials, structures, parts, tools, inventory, kept records of the work performed, participated in the delivery of completed construction projects to customers, issued permits for the right to work in protected areas, instructed workers, controlled the state of safety, ensured the use of technological equipment (scaffolding). 

From 05 June 1981 to 31 October 1981 - Military training at the Karaganda Technical University   

From 01 September 1979 to 05 June 1981 - Student of the 4th and 5th years of the Karaganda Technical University,Kazakhstan, Karaganda city,    

From 06 May 1977 to 03 May 1979 - Service as privates and sergeants Zabaikalsky military district, Chita region

From 01 September 1973 to 06 May1977  - Student of 1-4 years of the Karaganda Technical University, Kazakhstan , Karaganda city

From 01 September 1963 to 30 June 1973  - Secondary School, GCSE ,Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan region                 


Nurlan knows how to work with people, can convince and influence, he always has an interest in solving complex problems, he is always a source of original ideas and suggestions. For 15 years (1993-2008) he supported the School of Arts by fully financing its operation (paying all their bills and expenses). He supported the School of Arts and made it a structural unit of the company and financed them from IGS’ funds.This was done by him to help the region in the implementation of the social corporate program. He donated one of IGS’s own buildings to the School of Art, repaired and maintained its good condition for 15 years. He bought all the music equipment, instruments, hired and paid salaries to 30 teachers to support Music, Drawing, Dancing classes. This was one of the most important achievements for him i.e. his participation in the social program of the region. Within the School of Arts several departments were formed: orchestras of Kazakh folk instruments, orchestras of Russian folk instruments, dance groups, department of fine arts where children were trained in the basics of painting, drawing and sculptures. Also within the school of arts a large library with musical literature was constructed and a music department formed, for teaching piano, guitar, violin, saxophone and dombra lessons. Dance groups participated in competitions (Latin American dances, Russian folk dances and Kazakh folk dances) in Kazakhstan and Russia. After 15 years, the School of Arts was transferred to local authorities (together with the building and all contents inside the building – tools etc). For several years he sponsored the School of Ballroom Dances (Private School of the Morozovs), although his main activity was the development of oil and gas fields. He is very reliable person, likes to work in a team and is always a popular member of the team, very sociable and risk-averse, always brings new contacts, ideas, improvements to the company, he can be called a workaholic - he is a practical organizer of all company activities,always turns ideas into achievable tasks, he is the coordinator of all company managers - he unites his entire team, supports others, encourages, he is very popular , this is the person without whom the team or company could not finish anything  on time - for this and for services to the state and for a significant contribution to the development of the Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field, he was awarded the Order of Kurmet on August 1, 2003 - the state award of the Republic of Kazakhstan. His special abilities are speech and mathematical abilities, accuracy in details, high verbal intelligence, clear diction, scrupulous knowledge of the construction industry. For 36 years he worked with foreign partners - from 1986 to 1996 with Czech, German and Slovak construction companies on Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field, from 1996 to the present with Italian and English partners. He is fluent in Kazakh, Russian and English, and freely negotiates with clients in all three languages. On  2003 he was awarded the PhD. Disciplined, never takes vacations, does not take days off, purposeful, knows how to listen and speak well, judges people and things correctly, understands the needs of other people (because of this, he was recognized as an Honorary Citizen of the Karatubinsky District and awarded the Order of the Russian Orthodox Church He is a good organizer - proactive, mobile (he is easily crosses cities, countries to meet with clients, spent almost every day at construction sites at a distance of 70 km from the office, when there were large contracts, influential, takes over tasks of any difficulty and is responsible, never shifts responsibility to others. Strives to achieve the goal and almost always achieves it. He has letters of thanks from the district akim (head of District) for active participation in the preparation and holding of the 8th championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in chess, for active participation in the preparation for the election of the President of the country. He received a letter of thanks from Akim of the West Kazakhstan region N.Ashimov .He repaired secondary school No. 5 in Aksai and received a letter of thanks from the Head of the School and the parent committee.

Scientific works and discoveries of Nurlan Kuanshaliyev

  1) Interim standard "Testing piles for continuity using the FPDS method SIT-KIT-B (Foundation Pile Diagnostic System Sonic Integrity Testing KIT-B)" 7 pages, Temirtau, 1999 Authors N. Zh. Kuanshaliev, A. V. Sengaev, A .A. Zhusupbekov

2) Features of the interaction of bored piles with soil foundations in Western Kazakhstan Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov February 11, 2003, Author Kuanshaliev Nurlan Zhanabaevich

3) Experience in testing and building bored piles in the Karachaganak gas condensate field The book contains a collection of proceedings of the International Geotechnical Conference dedicated to the memory of Dalmatov Boris Ivanovich, St. Petersburg, 2000, pp. 181-183. Authors A.Zh.Zhusupbekov, N.Zh.Kuanshaliyev, A.V.Sengaev, E.T.Iwasaki

4) Geotechnical problems of the Karachaganak gas condensate field (GP-2) In the book - Proceedings of the 1st Central Asian Geotechnical Symposium, Astana, May 25-28, 2000. Pages 827-831 Authors A.Zh.Zhusupbekov, N.Zh.Kuanshaliev, A.S. Zhakulin, K. Secchi, A.V.

5)Measurement of initial stress, condition of saturated soft grounds of Caspian Sea Coasts using newly developed device, in the book «Proceedings of the Kazakhstan-Japan Joint Geotechnical Seminar, Astana, 2-3August,2001,pages 73-76 Authors A.Zh.Zhusupbekov, Nurlan Kuanshaliyev, A.S.Zhakulin,A.S.Kuanshaliyeva

6)Geotechnical problems at during time of interaction foundation with soil ground of West Kazakhstan, in the book Proceeding of the International Conference on Coastal Geotechnical Engineering in Practice, Atyrau,2002, pages 87-91 Authors A.Zh.Zhusupbekov,Nurlan Kuanshaliyev, A.S.Zhakulin,C.Secchi,K.S.Bizhanov

7)Geotechnical problems of Astana and West Kazakhstan in the book Abstracts of Japan-Kazakhstan Joint Geotechnical Seminar,Tokyo,Japan,2003,p29-30 Authors A.Zh.Zhusupbekov,Nurlan Kuanshaliyev

Nurlan Kuanshaliev's awards